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The best toddler toys 2008 and toys for toddlers between ages 3 and 5. These two key word phrases are quite interesting for me since after I analyzed my blog stats, I noticed that some of my readers typed these two phrases in their search engine before they came into my blog. What is more, these key words appeared several times, one day and the other days. Unfortunately, as I also realize, this blog has not provide adequate information for such information. Therefore, I am motivated to write a post concerning with these issues. I decide to write one post which covers both issues, the best toddler toys in 2008 which is for toddlers between 3 and 5 years old.

I began some internet researches and looked for some awarded toys out there and I combined this research with my survey in the 3 top toy departments in the internet. They are, and This is due to the fact that these three toys departments are the top three in Google search engine result with the key word toy store and toy and I assumed, based on SEO matters, these toy departments bring more than enough traffic or buyers (or perhaps the highest traffic among others) to their stores through the search engine. After surveying toddler toys in these 3 toy departments, searching for the most wanted toddler toys, the bestseller ones, investigating the value, educational function, safety and durability, reading many buyers review and doing some scoring, I finally get this top 10 list of toddler toys 2008. Check this out!

#1 Wooden Shape Sorting Learning Clock by Melissa & Doug

This unisex indoor toy can be played by toddlers from 3 up to even 7 years. This wooden toy is sturdy even it has been dropped on the wood floor many times. Toddlers can learn four things in one toy, i.e. colors, numbers, shapes and time. This toy with colorful numbers and different shapes shows the hour, minute and second through clear labeled hand. Toddlers around 3 years usually like the shapes and colors, while 4 and 5 years toddler like learning about time. It does not only give entertainment but also education.

#2 Play-Doh: Mountain of Colors by Hasbro

This unisex Play-Doh is good for 3 – 6 years toddlers to play for hours. Toddlers can make all creations based on their imaginations. Besides, toddlers can develop their motor skills. Moreover, it is long lasting, accessory variety, safe for toddlers and it is easy to clean up. You can take this as an alternative for indoor activities like in front of the television during winter. It’s worthy to have.

#3 Laughtop Fun-2-Learn by Fisher-Price

Physically, the design is surely attractive. This toy is also easy to use, portable, sturdy and of course educational. I believe that this toy is able to keep toddlers amused for quite a while. This toy includes some games such as letter and sound recognition. It can also invite toddlers to sing. I like the graphics and the mouse character as the computer mouse is so cute. I think it is a great buy.

# 4 Zingo by ThinkFun

Heard from its name, you may relate this toy to Bingo. Basically, it is like Bingo with a twist that toddlers focus more on images. So, young toddler will recognize the image first and later learn the vocabulary. It helps toddler a lot in developing their memory, matching, concentration and sportsmanship. Besides, these durable board games with several play variations are also good for social interaction since it can be played by up to 8 players. I remark this toy on the excellent play value and durability.

#5 Leapster® Educational Game: Kindergarten by LeapFrog

This leapster is like a game boy or video game, but it has some good ideas as an educational tool. Toddlers can learn letters, numbers and even spelling. It is a great toy with simple controls and easy to set up. Besides, lots of levels in this game give a challenge for toddlers to grow.

Two awards in 2004 also go to this toy, i.e. Parents’ Choice Recommended Award winner and Award of Excellence, Technology & Learning Magazine. So, you may put it in your shopping list.

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About the author:
Francisca Cahyaningsih is a mother of one toddler and owner of a weblog which covers various topics such as toddler toys, games, tips and gift ideas for babies and toddlers.


We usually give presents to our toddlers on their birthdays. Other perfect time to give a gift is during the holiday. Games and toys are often being chosen to purchase.

Below are some tips in selecting safe toys for toddlers: 

Find a qualified toy which is appropriate with your toddler’s age (follow recommendation on the label), interest and ability. 


Ensure that the toys are played in a secure environment.




To avoid a choking hazard to babies and toddler under age 3, you may put a small tester into your consideration to find out whether small toys are harmful. It can be acquired at baby or toy specialty stores.





Avoid several toys with the following conditions:

toys with sharp edges or points

toys with cords, straps or strings longer than 6 inches toys that generate loud noises

toys with bullets

toys with latex ballons (mylar balloons can be used instead) 


After buying some toys, we need to check toys regularly since a part of them maybe broken. It could be harmful for your toddler. If necessary, you may discard that toy out of his reach or repair it immediately. Besides, it would be better for you to supervise your toddler while playing or join with him playing. Then after playing, you can show your toddler to put the toys in a proper place to keep your house tidy.


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About the author:
Francisca Cahyaningsih is a mother of one toddler and owner of a weblog which covers various topics such as toddler toys, games, tips and gift ideas for babies and toddlers.

By Francisca Cahyaningsih


During infant, a bath time is very relaxed and soothed for both parents and babies. He has not made a strong movement. Only his eyes look around and there is almost no blink at all. As the time goes by, he grows stronger to make some simple movement like splashing and playing around in his bath. When your toddler becomes bigger and older, he may get bored of only playing the water. Toys can help you to make your toddler enjoy his bath time though some toddlers are scared of getting their face wet and / or having their hair washed. The most important thing is that pleasant bath time can make your toddler enjoys bathing. Though not all parents are lucky to have their toddlers that don’t mind bathing, do not worry since you may have a try on some bath time games below:


1. Provide your toddler with a basket filled with bath toys, e.g. rubber ducks, plastic animals, plastic toys of his favourite characters like Mickey Mouse, Spongebob, etc.   


2. Bring one or two small bath toys that already frozen in a plastic cup of water and see the melting ice. If you mind to freeze the toys, you can just take some cube ice and do the same thing.


3. Put in some drops of food coloring to the water to have a colorful and fun bath. Later on he can choose and negotiate the colour he likes each bath time.  


4. Get a shower pump for the bath. As your toddler pushes the pump, bath water is sucked up and pumped out of the shower head.


5. Soft sponge can be used to teach your toddler part of his body as you wash that part of his body. Besides, by using sponge, you can show it floating. That must give your toddler some more fun. As an alternative, you can use a small washer to name each part as you do.


6. Almost all infants and toddlers are afraid of having water splashed on their faces. You may try to take your toddler in the shower with you occasionally to make him get used to with water. It will make washing his hair and swimming easier later in his life. However, if your toddler is still afraid of doing it, you may let him wear goggles to avoid shampoo getting in his eyes.


7. Put a number of small bath toys in the water and give your child a net to catch them with.


8. Pouring water out of a plastic cup or bowl from a height can keep your toddler fun during bath time till end.


9. Blowing bubbles in the water using a straw can be one of fun activity your toddler might really enjoy. Otherwise, you can provide him with soapy water and blow it through some round hollow things to make some different bubbles.


10. In the last part of the bath give your baby to a cup and teach him to fill a bucket with water. After he finished bath and wear his cloth, ask him to go outside and water the garden with the bucket of water. It is a good example of reusing the water which might set in your toddler’s mind. 


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About the author:
Francisca Cahyaningsih is a mother of one toddler and owner of a weblog which covers various topics such as toddler toys, games, tips and gift ideas for babies and toddlers.

A toddler, according to Wikipedia, is a child between the ages of one to three years old. During this period, the child learns a great deal about social roles and develops motor skills. In The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company, it is written that one who toddles, especially a young child learning to walk. While based on Collins Essential English Dictionary 2nd Edition 2006 © HarperCollins Publishers 2004, 2006, a toddler is a young child who has only just learned how to walk.

A toddler gets more active since he becomes mobile. He will start to walk and as soon as he can walk, he will begin to run, jump, and then climb. He is full of energy and curiosity to any catchy things around him. He loves to discover how things work and play using his new physical abilities. Your toddler will imitate you and want to help with daily activities such as watering flowers, riding on vehicles, washing a car, etc.

Before you choose toys for toddler, you would be better to consider that toddler toys should not only give him much enjoyment but also give educational benefit. It is much better to give him an opportunity to have fun in doing physical and mental activities while unconsciously develop his motor skills. Mostly toddler loves toys in any shape, size and colours which produce light and sound that make him learn cause and effect relationship. Other favourite toys for toddler are toys that roll. For instance, he enjoy throwing a ball and running after it. Besides extending his physical abilities, he develops his way of thinking, his body muscle and brain cells. He will be able to put ideas and do the actions in a sequence. At this age, a toddler also learns to control over his body. One option you can take is ride-on toys. He enjoy the feeling and effort he does while riding on a vehicle moving with his feet. In this case, safety must be one of consideration in choosing toys for toddlers.

There are some choices you have for your great toddler. However, you should always keep an eye on your toddler while playing with different objects since he tends to put things into his mouth. Some of these objects can be really harmful and can even result in fatal accidents.