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Toddler Bedding: Toddler Bed or Twin? Read the Expert Advice

Posted on: September 30, 2008

toddler bedding

Someday, somehow, every baby will be a toddler. Meaning to say, babies will reach more height and should be moved from the baby crib to a toddler bed. This is to prevent the toddler’s falling or even jumping out of the baby crib. Nevertheless, deciding to move the toddler from the crib to twin bed or to a toddler bed is not that easy. The factors below should be put into your consideration before you take the decision.

Readiness It is not easy for some toddlers to move directly from a baby crib to a twin bed.  They sign that they are reluctant to move and make a fuss in the transition. This is because the size of the twin bed is too big compared with that of the crib, and this big size makes them feel uncomfortable. If this happens, then you may go with toddler bed first before jumping to the next step. For toddlers, toddler beds are more sheltered, closely fitting and thus make them feel much more comfortable. Moreover, there are many toddler beds with sweet and mesmerizing design that will help your toddler to transit from the crib to the toddler bed smoothly. 

Independence The twin bed is definitely higher than the toddler bed. If toddlers do not have enough height or build up the ability to get off and on the twin bed, then you should think another option and go with this, the toddler bed. A toddler bed is made lower from the ground. This is to help toddlers easily get off and on the bed without any difficulties. Well, you can still go with the twin bed but choose the one of which the height is not too high from the ground.

Bed Rails This is very important and I believe toddlers need bed rails, especially the very young toddlers since they have not developed the capability to keep staying within the boundaries of the bed while they are sleeping. With the bed rails built in the toddler bed, your toddlers will be secure and save from falling. However, if your decision is to pick the twin bed, then you need to purchase the bed rails separately and equip the twin bed with them. Please do some research on bed rails before buying because not all bed rails posses the same safety level and quality.

Practicality Ok, let’s be honest to ourselves. Many of us are hesitant to purchase a toddler bed because of the short-period of its use. Generally, a toddler bed can only be used for 3 or 4 years. However, some toddlers grow and reach certain height faster than other toddlers do. In this case, you should estimate your toddler’s physical development before making decision. If you suppose that your toddler will quickly grow and become out of the size of the toddler bed sooner, you’d better buy a twin bed or perhaps an adult bed.

To conclude, the most important consideration when you buy a bed for your toddler is the safety matter. Different kids experience different pace of growth and as a parent, you are the one who know exactly the most appropriate bed for your lovely toddler.

About the author:
Francisca Cahyaningsih is a mother of one toddler and owner of super toys for super toddlers weblog which covers various articles around toddler toys, games, tips and gift ideas for babies and toddlers.


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