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By Francisca Cahyaningsih


You can develop your toddlers’ skills in language by reading aloud. It helps your toddlers in building their vocabularies with words they listen, read, understand and try to use. Books give fun and they provide valuable playful materials. Based on my experience, my toddler loves turning on the pages, feels the texture of some books we have (pop up one or fabric one-Taggies book please check them out in, looks at the colours, pictures and texts. Most of all, reading with your toddler is fun. Enjoy this special time together.


Below some tips in choosing some books to read with your toddler:


Pick simple picture books, with the name of the object written there, to help them out understand concepts such as size, colour, shape and time.


Find picture books with simple sentence, a small number of words on each page, and simple plot.


Look for pop up books and textures to feel.


Select some books you and your toddlers will always enjoy to read again and again.


Pick some books with rhymes so your toddlers can remember them easily.


The benefits that your toddler can acquire from reading a book are your toddler could enrich their vocabulary, he learns language passively before he can talk and he builds reading habit which might help him a lot in the future. You can start to read one book and repeat it several times. This activity will help your toddler to get used to hear them and keep the same vocabulary in his mind.


In general, by reading a simple book, he might be thirsty of reading more and more to fulfill his curiosity to know some other things. Later when your toddler is a bit older, around three years if I may say, you can start giving him nursery rhymes.


Now it’s your turn to pick up a book and read it with your toddler. 


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About the author:
Francisca Cahyaningsih is a mother of one toddler and owner of a weblog which covers various topics such as toddler toys, games, tips and gift ideas for babies and toddlers.


By Francisca Cahyaningsih


During infant, a bath time is very relaxed and soothed for both parents and babies. He has not made a strong movement. Only his eyes look around and there is almost no blink at all. As the time goes by, he grows stronger to make some simple movement like splashing and playing around in his bath. When your toddler becomes bigger and older, he may get bored of only playing the water. Toys can help you to make your toddler enjoy his bath time though some toddlers are scared of getting their face wet and / or having their hair washed. The most important thing is that pleasant bath time can make your toddler enjoys bathing. Though not all parents are lucky to have their toddlers that don’t mind bathing, do not worry since you may have a try on some bath time games below:


1. Provide your toddler with a basket filled with bath toys, e.g. rubber ducks, plastic animals, plastic toys of his favourite characters like Mickey Mouse, Spongebob, etc.   


2. Bring one or two small bath toys that already frozen in a plastic cup of water and see the melting ice. If you mind to freeze the toys, you can just take some cube ice and do the same thing.


3. Put in some drops of food coloring to the water to have a colorful and fun bath. Later on he can choose and negotiate the colour he likes each bath time.  


4. Get a shower pump for the bath. As your toddler pushes the pump, bath water is sucked up and pumped out of the shower head.


5. Soft sponge can be used to teach your toddler part of his body as you wash that part of his body. Besides, by using sponge, you can show it floating. That must give your toddler some more fun. As an alternative, you can use a small washer to name each part as you do.


6. Almost all infants and toddlers are afraid of having water splashed on their faces. You may try to take your toddler in the shower with you occasionally to make him get used to with water. It will make washing his hair and swimming easier later in his life. However, if your toddler is still afraid of doing it, you may let him wear goggles to avoid shampoo getting in his eyes.


7. Put a number of small bath toys in the water and give your child a net to catch them with.


8. Pouring water out of a plastic cup or bowl from a height can keep your toddler fun during bath time till end.


9. Blowing bubbles in the water using a straw can be one of fun activity your toddler might really enjoy. Otherwise, you can provide him with soapy water and blow it through some round hollow things to make some different bubbles.


10. In the last part of the bath give your baby to a cup and teach him to fill a bucket with water. After he finished bath and wear his cloth, ask him to go outside and water the garden with the bucket of water. It is a good example of reusing the water which might set in your toddler’s mind. 


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About the author:
Francisca Cahyaningsih is a mother of one toddler and owner of a weblog which covers various topics such as toddler toys, games, tips and gift ideas for babies and toddlers.

by Francisca Cahyaningsih

Like another toddler, my thirteenth-month little boy is full of curiosity. He wants to touch anything new and tries to grab it. Even the pattern of the floor makes him nuts as he failed to take it. He has enough toys to play, but daily activities get more portions to imitate. Here are some of my toddler’s daily activities I might share with:

Drive his own “car”

My toddler moves his car using his feet. Once he rides his car faster than usual, then oops… he fell down. So I keep an eye one him to make sure his condition. What about you?


Play any wheel or something round

Before he started to walk, my toddler likes to make the wheel of his car moving. He couldn’t ride it, so he just played with the wheel. Now the wheel of his knocked-down stroller becomes his favourite besides a ball of course. Sometimes he tries to make the ring moving like I and his daddy do.


Make his own “music”

My toddler looks happy to hold an empty plastic bottle. It is so because he can hear sound after he squeezes it. Besides, he likes to knock it to any other thing around him to produce another sound. As soon as he knocks it, he laughs happily. He repeats it more and more.


Feel the texture of a wall / carpet

Most toddlers enjoy feeling the texture and touch a surface of some things like clothes, wall, floor, carpets, etc. My toddler has his favourite carpet in his bedroom and outside wall to touch since it has a bit rough surface. So whenever he is his bedroom, he always touches and feels the texture of the carpet like he does when he sits on a bench.  


Knock down puzzles

My toddler and his three-year cousin are great in knocking down the puzzles. They do it willingly and leave them sheltered for me to reconstruct. 


Pick up and throwing away his toys

In this world all toddlers enjoy throwing away a thing they hold I guess. Once I read in an article, it is apart of developing stage. It happens to my toddler as well, he likes to take and then throw away his toys, balls, plastic bottles I put in his playing yard box.  


Pretend to call or receive a call

He often takes his toy or sometimes just touches his ear as if listening to the phone. When I got a phone call, he will respond it quickly by trying to take it and listen to the speaker.   


Push his tricycle

Sometimes my toddler gets bored of sitting in his tricycle and he prefers to push his tricycle. I cannot let him do it by himself since he has just started to walk.


Have a nice moment with your great toddler…!


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About the author:
Francisca Cahyaningsih is a mother of one toddler and owner of a weblog which covers various topics such as toddler toys, games, tips and gift ideas for babies and toddlers.


Toddlers love playing very much. Though they love having indoor activities, they might get bored sometimes. Not only get some fresh air, but they also new learning circumstances. They could interact with others in their age as well as adult. Below are some ideas for your toddler to do:


  • Hide & Seek

Almost all toddlers and kids enjoy this game. You can play with a small number of people to do so. Toddlers enjoy playing it with their peers and even with older people including you. You could alter your house into a fun playhouse and have fun playing it with your toddlers.


  • Exploring seashore

Water is one favourite thing for toddlers to play. One alternative place except swimming pool is seashore with some new things for toddlers to know and learn. Even for adults, picking up some shells, building a sandcastle, running at the seashore, waiting and feeling the sea waves come, or trying to catch some fish give tons of fun!


As parents, you might think that sand is dirty and full of germs, but for toddlers, sand is something fun. You can provide a plastic shovel or a bucket to teach your toddler how to play with sand. You can also pour some water to the sand to act as if you make dough. Release your creativity and share nice moment with your toddler.


  • Looking at pets in a local pet store

My toddler loves watching fish moving in an aquarium. Sometimes perhaps we do not have time to feed and keep our pet clean. So, let’s take your toddlers out to a local pet store. There he could see harmsters, dogs, cats, fish, birds, etc.


  • Picnic in a park

Take your toddlers to a park and let them play around, feel the grass and experience new situation and meet others in a new place.


  • Going to museum

A museum is an excellent place to introduce and talk about colours, textures, shapes and sizes with your toddlers. Besides, they probably will not find what they see in the museum.


  • Go shopping

Some toddlers love picking out their favourite things. Let your toddlers grab their favourite things, stand in a queue and then pay them in cashier. It could be a good learning experience and I guess they will have fun. My 2.5 year niece enjoy shopping a lot. She takes her favourite snacks and always put them into the cart. So once I let her pay by herself and she looks proud of herself.


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About the author:
Francisca Cahyaningsih is a mother of one toddler and owner of a weblog which covers various topics such as toddler toys, games, tips and gift ideas for babies and toddlers.

by Francisca Cahyaningsih

An active toddler dislikes staying in a place for along time. He likes playing toys, moving around, and doing some other indoor activities. So let’s play!

A. Most of toddlers love balloons as an alternative for toys. I have a nice experience with my toddler catching the balloons for more than an hour. Your toddler might be so excited while you blow up some balloons. He will ask for one again and again so that he can tap it up in the air, catch it, the tap it up again, and so forth and so on. Caution: beware of choking hazard of small pieces of latex.

B. Does your toddler love water? You can put some plastic toys in a big spot with water then let your toddler play inside. You can also use this time to inform about the way the water flows and the water feels; to know some floating or sinking objects; to see what happens when you gently splash the water. Well, it is a great fun! Anyway, you need to keep an eye on him in a “splash safe” area.

C. Some toddlers still like crawling. You can let your toddler crawl under a table to take something you put there, eg. His favourite toys. My toddler loves to feed fish but sometimes the food sheltered on the floor and under the table. He loves to crawl under the table to grab the food. Once again, never leave your toddler unattended.

D. Has your toddler ever had a simple matching game? You can introduce colours, shapes, names of various objects, etc. For example, you can show and match your toddler’s shirt in a photo with the real one. Furthermore, you can say what colour it is, what picture/shape it is (if there is any). Another example is if you have a family photo, ask your toddler point which one is you, he himself, his daddy, etc. Additionally, you can also ask him what you or he wears, what toys he holds in his hand or what colour his toys is.

E. A toddler might have a challenging game to play. In order to do so, you can make a fun obstacle course by letting him walk around a cloth pile, walk around a dining table, crawl under a table, jump over a pillow, go inside a tunnel you made, etc. You can make any creative situation depends on any available things in your house. To make it more exciting, you can put start and finish sign.

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About the author:
Francisca Cahyaningsih is a mother of one toddler and owner of a weblog which covers various topics such as toddler toys, games, tips and gift ideas for babies and toddlers.

By Francisca Cahyaningsih


Toddler toys can be used to spend time at home along rainy day. This can avoid your toddler get bored while having indoor activities. Let’s break the time and have a wonderful time at home by doing some indoor activities. Here are some ideas you can conduct easily to make your toddler having fun while learning.


Your toddler has an amazing brain. So, you can start teaching your toddler to count.


A. Use anything in your house as a learning tool. For instance, you can count how many toys he has, how many spoons he eats, how many toes and fingers we all have, etc.


B. There are some famous songs as good means in helping your toddler to remember the numbers, i.e. Ten Little Indian Boys, Five Little Ducks, etc.


C. Coloring books might be one alternative you have for your toddler who loves coloring. You can find out some in a bookstore.


D. Basically, toddlers learn naturally while playing. To encourage this learning unconsciously, you can give your toddler toys, puzzles or blocks with numbers.   


E. You might provide your toddler’s room with any educational poster, including one with numbers on it. Since a toddler learning by imitating, you give an example first by pointing a number and saying what number it is, later ask your toddler to do so after several repetition.


For another best indoor activities, you can continue reading Part 2.


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About the author:
Francisca Cahyaningsih is a mother of one toddler and owner of a weblog which covers various topics such as toddler toys, games, tips and gift ideas for babies and toddlers.

Have you ever experienced getting an invitation to a birthday party of your beloved 1-year old niece or nephew and get confused about what to give? And when you go into the baby shop, you find yourself in the middle of various awesome toys and presents and you just can’t decide which one to purchase.


If you have, don’t worry. What will you read this moment will be a big help to you in picking up the best toy to give, toys that are fun yet still educational.


You should know that infant toddlers begin to explore their world through their sense. Therefore, you should consider these three factors of popular infant toys: color, shape and sound.  Definitely, infant toddlers like color, shape and sound.

Make certain that you are buying a toy that really is for an infant toddler. Sometimes we may over-estimate them and treat them like bigger children.

So I suggest you to pick up these ones:


Large plastic blocks

Stacking rings

Stuffed toys of different textures

Cloth dolls

Activity centers

Music boxes and keyboard toys and toys that make sounds

Toys to ride, push or pull


Those toys are perfect for developing motor skills and co-ordination. Also, toys that feature keyboards or noise-making buttons can help infant toddlers to associate actions with obtainable and fun sounds. A basic ability for sound recognition is usually developed in this manner.


Always remember, babies of this age often put everything in their mouths, so make certain that any toy you give has no small parts or small pieces that will come off. Many of the toys listed above can be used when the child enters toddler and preschool years as well, making quality and durability even more important.


Finally, you should always be creative. When shopping for the toy, think of something original yet not too weird. Remember that the toy should fit the age of the infant toddler. Just don’t forget to wrap the gift, and don’t give it bare to the toddler!