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fisher-price-little-people-time-to-learn-preschoolFisher Price Little People Time-to-Learn Preschool is an amazing playset to collect. It can be played by 24 months to 5 years old. For younger toddler, Fisher Price Little People Time-to-Learn Preschool may give an introduction to learn colors, shapes, numbers one through twenty. The size of each little people figurine is suit to the small hands of toddler so it can be easily grab. In order to introduce toddlers to numbers, each little people figurine carries different number. As seen from its name, Fisher Price Little People Time-to-Learn Preschool, it accommodates a preschool setting with an interactive sidewalk introducing toddlers to numbers, matching (the number in the mat with the number that little people figurine carries), counting, colors and shapes. The sidewalk takes toddlers to travel from one to ten, following songs, fun sound effects and spoken words. Besides, Fisher Price Little People Time-to-Learn Preschool provides playground activities too, such as sandbox and slide. The mat becomes the base of the schoolhouse and there are quizzes and interactive games on it. Just touch the mat to activate it. Click here to know more about Fisher Price Little People Time-to-Learn Preschool.

Christmas gifts are one of the main appeals of Christmas especially for kids. As parents, you may confuse to find out the most popular Christmas gifts for your kids. Christmas gifts may be hard to select. It is much easier to wrap an empty box and put it under the Christmas tree. However, it will disappoint your kids to get nothing during Christmas. Besides, Christmas gifts are a form of our concern and love for our kids. Whether you make it yourself or buy some at store, Christmas gifts are the most exciting present kids always wait for.

Before you leave the house and pick some Christmas gifts at store, you may read my article “Best Selling Christmas Toys 2008” to check the best selling Christmas toys 2008. This article was written based on my little internet research. There are some sites that also recommend which toys should be purchased as a Christmas gift this year. There are also sites which are trying to predict what toys will be sold out this Christmas. My job here is to collect the information from those sites and to make a list of what toys are the best selling Christmas toys for you.

I do hope this article will help you identify some of the toys you should be looking out for. There are lists of toys for girls and boys as a guide to help you find Christmas gifts for your kids and others on your Christmas list.

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Merry Christmas!

It is almost Christmas again and some of you probably have not got the Christmas gift idea yet for your toddlers to put under the Christmas tree this year. If you are looking for such Christmas gift idea then you might find one which is entirely dedicated to toddlers and it could be an everlasting and enlightening Christmas gift idea ever. The Christmas gifts for toddlers are heart touching and toddlers are in no doubt to love them. You will be delightful to see their little faces got surprise. Among the numerous Christmas gift ideas, most of them are hot sellers of the Christmas.

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toddler bedding

Someday, somehow, every baby will be a toddler. Meaning to say, babies will reach more height and should be moved from the baby crib to a toddler bed. This is to prevent the toddler’s falling or even jumping out of the baby crib. Nevertheless, deciding to move the toddler from the crib to twin bed or to a toddler bed is not that easy. The factors below should be put into your consideration before you take the decision.

Readiness It is not easy for some toddlers to move directly from a baby crib to a twin bed.  They sign that they are reluctant to move and make a fuss in the transition. This is because the size of the twin bed is too big compared with that of the crib, and this big size makes them feel uncomfortable. If this happens, then you may go with toddler bed first before jumping to the next step. For toddlers, toddler beds are more sheltered, closely fitting and thus make them feel much more comfortable. Moreover, there are many toddler beds with sweet and mesmerizing design that will help your toddler to transit from the crib to the toddler bed smoothly. 

Independence The twin bed is definitely higher than the toddler bed. If toddlers do not have enough height or build up the ability to get off and on the twin bed, then you should think another option and go with this, the toddler bed. A toddler bed is made lower from the ground. This is to help toddlers easily get off and on the bed without any difficulties. Well, you can still go with the twin bed but choose the one of which the height is not too high from the ground.

Bed Rails This is very important and I believe toddlers need bed rails, especially the very young toddlers since they have not developed the capability to keep staying within the boundaries of the bed while they are sleeping. With the bed rails built in the toddler bed, your toddlers will be secure and save from falling. However, if your decision is to pick the twin bed, then you need to purchase the bed rails separately and equip the twin bed with them. Please do some research on bed rails before buying because not all bed rails posses the same safety level and quality.

Practicality Ok, let’s be honest to ourselves. Many of us are hesitant to purchase a toddler bed because of the short-period of its use. Generally, a toddler bed can only be used for 3 or 4 years. However, some toddlers grow and reach certain height faster than other toddlers do. In this case, you should estimate your toddler’s physical development before making decision. If you suppose that your toddler will quickly grow and become out of the size of the toddler bed sooner, you’d better buy a twin bed or perhaps an adult bed.

To conclude, the most important consideration when you buy a bed for your toddler is the safety matter. Different kids experience different pace of growth and as a parent, you are the one who know exactly the most appropriate bed for your lovely toddler.

About the author:
Francisca Cahyaningsih is a mother of one toddler and owner of super toys for super toddlers weblog which covers various articles around toddler toys, games, tips and gift ideas for babies and toddlers.

Below is the second part article of the best toddler toys 2008 for 3 to 5 years:

#6 My First LEGO DUPLO Set

Blocks, which are sturdy and colorful, are very interesting to play by all age and gender. These ones are the first set for 18 months to 5 years toddlers since these ones are bigger and safe in terms of choking hazard. Besides, they are less likely to get lost and easy to put together and take part. For girls, they usually like the little kitty that is one of the pieces. For younger toddlers, at first they like to knock down what parents create, but later they can build something too. For some people, maybe we share the same wish to have this with more than 30-pieces. However, parents can buy some more blocks to expand the building since blocks never end. They are great fun, long lasting and educational.

#7 TAG Reading System – Pink by LeapFrog

This unisex product helps toddlers to recognize words, develop memory and build toddlers’ reading interests as well as their independence. It is available either in green or pink. The pen has been loaded by a book. You can download other books using a computer through a simple process. This tag is educational, high quality and also fun for 3 to 7 years kids. Toddlers usually like listening to stories and older toddlers enjoy following along in books just by touching the book with the TAG. The TAG will read whole story with little tones so that toddlers know when they need to turn the page. However, you can just play the audio if your toddlers do not want to follow along. This TAG also provides activities pages so that toddlers can play interactive games by touching different letters, pictures and words. This TAG can hold 5 books at a time and other books can be added and removed quickly.

#8 Play-Doh: Fun with Food – Meal Makin’ Kitchen by Hasbro

This safe and easy clean up toy sounds like for toddlers around 3 to 7 years especially for girl, but some boys love it so much. Toddlers may like the idea of cooking and imagination of “making dinner” in their kitchen for their mom and dad, too. Besides, I think that it teaches to clean up when done or the play-doh dries out, to wash the dishes and it’s just a lot of fun. This toy can help toddlers to grow with as toddlers figure out how to use all parts of this toy. This toy shares great colors, great mold presses for foods, and great fun for the whole family.

#9 Candy Land Castle Game by Hasbro

It’s a unisex cool cute colorful sturdy game for toddlers around 3 to 6 years to learn about shapes and colors and sharpen their motor skills as well as the concepts of rules and taking turns. It is fun for toddlers pulling the little lever to make the pieces shoot out. It is also very durable. When I looked at it for the first time, I doubted and thought that it would be broken in a short time. However, it remains good though it has been bumped into the floor many times. Other thing I like from this game is it does not need batteries and does not produce noise. What a great game it is.

#10 40-piece Wooden Beginner Pattern Blocks by Melissa & Doug

This toy is good quality, very sturdy, easy to clean, entertaining, portable and best of all great for the imagination like all Melissa & Doug products. It is also fun to assemble and it a good aid in developing toddlers’ motor skill starting from 2 up to 5 years old. With various color and shapes to learn, regardless the fact that your toddler has or has not known yet, it is a fun educational toy. Parents also may not use all pieces to increase the level of difficulty through using two shapes to substitute one shape. It is so because the size of one rectangle equals two squares and one square equals two triangles. Let the older toddlers have more imaginative challenge.

If you check my list, you maybe find that some of the toys above are not included in the top rank of bestseller toys. Let me explain. The bestseller toy is not always the best one. Sadly, many parents still buy a toy due to its top rank in the bestsellers without considering other crucial factors such as ages, educational function and safety. They buy the toy because many other parents do and because the toy is in the top rank. Their consideration is based merely on the rank. I myself often find the most wanted toy is not the best one.

To conclude, the list above is just my suggestion based on my research. You may agree or you may not agree, you may argue and you may not argue. My purpose here is to provide my readers with the information they want to seek. And always remember, when you buy a toy, pick the toy that is suitable for your toddlers age and interest, safe, durable and educational. Don’t judge a toy by its rank.

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About the author:
Francisca Cahyaningsih is a mother of one toddler and owner of a weblog which covers various topics such as toddler toys, games, tips and gift ideas for babies and toddlers.

The best toddler toys 2008 and toys for toddlers between ages 3 and 5. These two key word phrases are quite interesting for me since after I analyzed my blog stats, I noticed that some of my readers typed these two phrases in their search engine before they came into my blog. What is more, these key words appeared several times, one day and the other days. Unfortunately, as I also realize, this blog has not provide adequate information for such information. Therefore, I am motivated to write a post concerning with these issues. I decide to write one post which covers both issues, the best toddler toys in 2008 which is for toddlers between 3 and 5 years old.

I began some internet researches and looked for some awarded toys out there and I combined this research with my survey in the 3 top toy departments in the internet. They are, and This is due to the fact that these three toys departments are the top three in Google search engine result with the key word toy store and toy and I assumed, based on SEO matters, these toy departments bring more than enough traffic or buyers (or perhaps the highest traffic among others) to their stores through the search engine. After surveying toddler toys in these 3 toy departments, searching for the most wanted toddler toys, the bestseller ones, investigating the value, educational function, safety and durability, reading many buyers review and doing some scoring, I finally get this top 10 list of toddler toys 2008. Check this out!

#1 Wooden Shape Sorting Learning Clock by Melissa & Doug

This unisex indoor toy can be played by toddlers from 3 up to even 7 years. This wooden toy is sturdy even it has been dropped on the wood floor many times. Toddlers can learn four things in one toy, i.e. colors, numbers, shapes and time. This toy with colorful numbers and different shapes shows the hour, minute and second through clear labeled hand. Toddlers around 3 years usually like the shapes and colors, while 4 and 5 years toddler like learning about time. It does not only give entertainment but also education.

#2 Play-Doh: Mountain of Colors by Hasbro

This unisex Play-Doh is good for 3 – 6 years toddlers to play for hours. Toddlers can make all creations based on their imaginations. Besides, toddlers can develop their motor skills. Moreover, it is long lasting, accessory variety, safe for toddlers and it is easy to clean up. You can take this as an alternative for indoor activities like in front of the television during winter. It’s worthy to have.

#3 Laughtop Fun-2-Learn by Fisher-Price

Physically, the design is surely attractive. This toy is also easy to use, portable, sturdy and of course educational. I believe that this toy is able to keep toddlers amused for quite a while. This toy includes some games such as letter and sound recognition. It can also invite toddlers to sing. I like the graphics and the mouse character as the computer mouse is so cute. I think it is a great buy.

# 4 Zingo by ThinkFun

Heard from its name, you may relate this toy to Bingo. Basically, it is like Bingo with a twist that toddlers focus more on images. So, young toddler will recognize the image first and later learn the vocabulary. It helps toddler a lot in developing their memory, matching, concentration and sportsmanship. Besides, these durable board games with several play variations are also good for social interaction since it can be played by up to 8 players. I remark this toy on the excellent play value and durability.

#5 Leapster® Educational Game: Kindergarten by LeapFrog

This leapster is like a game boy or video game, but it has some good ideas as an educational tool. Toddlers can learn letters, numbers and even spelling. It is a great toy with simple controls and easy to set up. Besides, lots of levels in this game give a challenge for toddlers to grow.

Two awards in 2004 also go to this toy, i.e. Parents’ Choice Recommended Award winner and Award of Excellence, Technology & Learning Magazine. So, you may put it in your shopping list.

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About the author:
Francisca Cahyaningsih is a mother of one toddler and owner of a weblog which covers various topics such as toddler toys, games, tips and gift ideas for babies and toddlers.

We usually give presents to our toddlers on their birthdays. Other perfect time to give a gift is during the holiday. Games and toys are often being chosen to purchase.

Below are some tips in selecting safe toys for toddlers: 

Find a qualified toy which is appropriate with your toddler’s age (follow recommendation on the label), interest and ability. 


Ensure that the toys are played in a secure environment.




To avoid a choking hazard to babies and toddler under age 3, you may put a small tester into your consideration to find out whether small toys are harmful. It can be acquired at baby or toy specialty stores.





Avoid several toys with the following conditions:

toys with sharp edges or points

toys with cords, straps or strings longer than 6 inches toys that generate loud noises

toys with bullets

toys with latex ballons (mylar balloons can be used instead) 


After buying some toys, we need to check toys regularly since a part of them maybe broken. It could be harmful for your toddler. If necessary, you may discard that toy out of his reach or repair it immediately. Besides, it would be better for you to supervise your toddler while playing or join with him playing. Then after playing, you can show your toddler to put the toys in a proper place to keep your house tidy.


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About the author:
Francisca Cahyaningsih is a mother of one toddler and owner of a weblog which covers various topics such as toddler toys, games, tips and gift ideas for babies and toddlers.